Making a real difference for teachers and clients

Having been a Chartered Physiotherapist for over 40 years, and a Pilates teacher and consultant for 20 years now, I specialise in:

  • teaching teachers through the Body Control Pilates organisation and my own courses - Posture Unravelled 1 & 2, and Staying Healthy as a Pilates Teacher.

  • coaching and consulting with teachers one-to-one, and in small groups, to help them both develop themselves and to develop the skills to manage clients with difficult conditions.

  • seeing a limited number of clients, focusing on those with more complex issues, where breakthrough can have massive impact.



  • I love working with both Pilates teachers and their clients who have multiple issues, to help them make faster progress, for example this could include those with long term back pain, chronic headaches and repetitive strain injuries.

  • I love getting involved as a consultant helping you manage those client issues that are out of the ordinary. I run sessions where you can bring the clients with you, and we work together to analyse underlying issues and plan solutions.

  • I have some specific workshops of my own which I can run for both large and small groups focused on this and on maintaining yourselves as Pilates teachers.


I'm fascinated by posture, and what it tells us about the body, and feel that understanding it is essential to our efficient and effective day to day functioning, both for us as Pilates teachers and for our clients.
My workshop is all about taking time:

  • to look at the different types of common postural positions clients present with

  • to learn what each one tells us

  • to discuss the underlying reasons, and

  • to build an effective approach and solution to create and maintain great posture throughout life.

This is now a 2 part workshop - ask for details.



As a Pilates teacher, I am always 'body-watching', trying to understand why we do what we do, and the impact it has on our bodies.

For some time I have been concerned about the changes I see in Pilates teachers bodies who have been working for a significant period. Health issues which they develop aren't always obviously connected to being a Pilates teacher.

Teachers appear to be experiencing a range of symptoms including, to name just a few: 

  • back and neck problems,

  • knee and hip pain,

  • voice issues, and

  • signs of Gastric Reflux.

Specifically, It was noticing certain stresses and strains on myself, and others, as I was teaching, that took me down the route of devising this workshop.
It started with the realisation that in a 1 hour class, we can be bending over clients more than 60 times in an hour. The patterns of this repetitive bending appear to be strongly linked to developing symptoms.

We need to stay healthy as Pilates Teachers, avoiding the pitfalls which are, in my opinion, becoming more obvious with time.
I believe this workshop is crucial in helping Pilates teachers

  • to focus on themselves for a change,

  • to take the actions needed to keep themselves safe and well, and 

  • to continue to model effectively what they are teaching to their clients.




My goal is to offer relevant workshops and one-to-one sessions to support Pilates teachers and their clients.

In addition, I love working with long standing difficult conditions to help people make breakthrough.
Contact me to find out more about my practice and how it can benefit you and your clients.

Mobile: 07809 149245

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